Henry came to Princeton from the West Coast, and although he spent two years in the Navy, traveled often, and attended a number of reunions, he returned to the West Coast after graduation and stayed there.

He was born in Seattle, Wash., and came to Princeton from Seattle Preparatory and the Thacher School. He majored in history and joined Quadrangle Club.

History remained an important interest all his life, but his first career after the Navy was managing livestock operations in Montana. Sale of the family ranch in 1967 turned Henry’s thoughts in new directions. A second career in banking took him to San Francisco in 1969 and to a position with the Bank of California beginning in 1970.

Still doing things his own way, Henry reported to the 50th-anniversary yearbook that he had retired and also married. Maria Trentacoste, an artist, turned Henry’s thoughts in new directions as he explored art history and worked with Maria to redecorate homes in New York and San Francisco.

Henry died June 17, 2018, in San Francisco. He is survived by Maria, his wife of 24 years.

Undergraduate Class of 1953