“What did I do with my life?” Whit asked rhetorically in his essay in our 50th-reunion book. He cleverly provided us no answer. 

Whit came to Princeton, where his father was in the Class of 1925, from Exeter. He worked on the Campus Fund, was assistant varsity football manager (he played football at Exeter), majored in economics, joined Cottage Club, and began lifelong friendships — especially with Ronde Bacquié, Henry Bose, Don Street, and George White. 

He had three sons (Whit, Robert, and Sidney) by a first marriage, divorced, and married the smart and accomplished Roxana. They had a daughter, Allison Wales Mausling ’97. He loved that Allison became a Princetonian. Roxana and Whit were together 52 years. “I made enough money to feel secure,” Whit said. “Rich and famous, maybe not. Satisfied? You bet. … And thank you, Princeton. I did learn something.” 

A classmate remarked to Roxana, “He amazed me with his courage. … He was a wonderful, thoughtful person — brave, fun, and loyal.” By courage, the classmate meant Whit’s decision 12 years ago to undergo a heart transplant. Whit helped raise money for Princeton on the West Coast, enjoyed season tickets to the Giants, and fly-fished all over including, once, in the Amazon. 

Whit died Aug. 10, 2021, after an emergency surgery. 

Undergraduate Class of 1957