Hew, as we knew him, died May 23, 2017, in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Hew graduated from Woodberry Forest. At Princeton he participated in Theatre Intime, worked on Bric-a-Brac, and was a member of Cloister. A year studying in Europe delayed his graduation as an English major until June 1951.

After serving as an infantry platoon leader in Korea, Hew entered the University of Rochester Medical School, where he completed his medical studies in 1958. He spent his career in adult and child psychiatry, beginning as a county medical director in San Diego, then starting a private practice there, and finally relocating to Tuscaloosa as chief of service at Bryce Hospital.

Hew met and married his wife, Valerie, during his psychiatric residency in Denver. Their four children, Daniel, Cathleen ’87, Valorie, and Hewlitt Jr., were born in California. Also surviving him is his brother Bernie ’46. Another brother, Bill ’44, died in 1972.

Undergraduate Class of 1950