Howell, who had homes in Atlanta and Highlands, N.C., died April 10, 2020, of complications of a blood disorder.

He entered our class from the Westminster Schools in Atlanta, but left during his first year and attended Georgia State. In the ’60s and ’70s he was an officer of the First National Bank of Atlanta. Later he worked with his brother in renovation and remodeling. In 1990 he and his partner of many years, Robert L. Comans (who died in 2008), founded the Buckhead Floral Co.; they retired in 2000. For decades Howell was a director and member of the executive committee of Summit Industries, one of Atlanta’s oldest privately held companies. It originated in the 1920s with a cough suppressant and manufactured more than 75 consumer products until it was sold in 2016.

Howell enjoyed multiple trips to Europe and was a collector of antique flat silver patterns. He is survived by his brother Joe and numerous nieces and nephews. The class sends its condolences to Howell’s family.

Undergraduate Class of 1963