We salute the memory of James, whose passing Aug. 14, 2017, has just come to our attention. His wife, Janet, died several months later.

It is with thanks to their daughter, Laura, that we are able to share word of his life. He married in January 1969. After Princeton, he earned a Ph.D. in mathematics at MIT. After teaching at Northern Illinois University, he went into industry with Midwest Dental near Chicago. After retirement, he took physics classes at the University of Chicago and later at the University of Tennessee when the couple relocated there. His commitment to lifelong learning is reflected in the fact that he signed up for drawing classes the day before the stroke that eventually took his life.

Among his myriad interests were reading and music. Although he was initially committed to classical music, Janet is reported to have “corrupted” him into liking Dylan and the Beatles! He also enjoyed gardening and driving and hiking through arboretums and along area waterfalls. He was blessed with an irreverent sense of humor. Belatedly, we extend sympathy to Laura and to Jim’s sister, Susan, and her family.

Undergraduate Class of 1969