James Ling, who had been a senior staff engineer and a technology and development manager in the United States defense industry, died Aug. 2, 2015. He was 74.

In 1965, Ling earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois. In 1967, he earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Princeton, and he earned a Ph.D. degree in 1969 from the Polytechnic University of Brooklyn (now part of New York University).

In 1969, Ling and his wife, Alice, whom he had met while at Princeton, moved to Northern Virginia. There he spent his entire career at TRW and Northrop Grumman.

Ling’s family described him as “a level-headed and devoted family man, who worked tirelessly to support his family.” He enjoyed watching sports, playing tennis, watching horse racing, and eating out. In 1992, he was proud to see his eldest son graduate from Princeton.

Ling is survived by Alice, whom he had married in 1967; four children (including Stephen ’92); one granddaughter; and four other Princeton alumni relatives.

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