JAMES WORTHINGTON died Aug. 27, 1990, in Basra, Iraq. He had suffered a heart attack while being held hostage by the Iraqi government shortly after that country invaded Kuwait. He was the first American to die there after westerners were barred from leaving. Jim had been in Kuwait as a consultant for the Alalu Bank of Kuwait and lived in a hotel in Kuwait City. Before moving to Kuwait he worked for 28 years in various foreign branches of Citibank of N.Y. At different times he was stationed with his family in Colombia, Brazil, Liberia, Indonesia, Singapore and India. He went to work at Citibank two years after graduating from Princeton, where he studied foreign affairs. Born in Marathon, Tex., he prepared for Princeton at Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania. At Princeton he roomed with Ed Laws, Henry Rhoads, Dave Robb, and Walt Whitmoyer in Little Hall. In his senior year he was president of Key and Seal. Before going to Kuwait he had been at the Citibank's main office in N.Y. and lived with his wife, Katharine, and two children in Woodstock, N.Y. To her and his other survivors the Class extends its sympathies.

The Class of l959

Undergraduate Class of 1959