Jan died Aug. 9, 2019.  

She came to Princeton from Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va., with the intention of becoming a math major. Instead, she majored in religion. After graduation she began to study law at the University of Virginia but soon decided law was not her passion.  

At the time of our 25th reunion Jan had been a computer software developer for more than 23 years. Pursuing a craft she had begun in 1975, Jan was already making and selling art quilts, as well; she had the first solo show of her work in 1999 and enjoyed learning more about both the artistic and businessaspects. She later went on to found a business, Jan’s Quilts, and exhibited her creations as recently as 2015.  

Jan sang in the Glee Club at Princeton and enjoyed being in the cast of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. She and Bill Crutchfield ’73 *78 were married in 1976; the brief marriage ended in divorce. Jan was devoted to her cats and considered them to be family. She left no close relatives. Her classmates mourn the loss of this talented woman who found such great satisfaction in creating art with fabric. 

Undergraduate Class of 1975