Jane died Jan. 5, 2021, in Lexington, Mass. She was 75. 

Born Jan. 30, 1945, in Philadelphia, Jane earned her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in zoology from the University of Michigan. In 1974 she earned a Ph.D. in biology from Princeton. 

In the Boston area her career started with lab work on fruit flies, bacteriophages, and slime molds and developed to take a broader perspective on public health. As director of science at the Health Effects Institute, she guided research on the effects of air pollution on health. Jane worked with researchers across the United States and around the world to advance scientific understanding in the field and aid policymakers in making evidence-based decisions. 

After retirement Jane exercised her passion for conserving native plants and ecosystems. She created a haven in her yard for pollinators and birds by replacing invasive species with native plants. Extending her advocacy to the local community, she served on the Lexington Conservation Commission, wrote articles on native plants for the Lexington Minuteman, and organized nature walks for Citizens for Lexington Conservation. 

Jane is survived by her husband of 53 years, Wayne; and daughters Linda ’97 and Molly.

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Graduate Class of 1974