John died in Princeton June 27, 2022, of cardiac arrest at age 94.

John was born Dec. 27, 1927, in Hartford, Conn. He served in the Army, then earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Trinity in 1950. He worked for two years at the Navy’s Underwater Sound Laboratory before studying for an MSE at Princeton, graduating in 1954.

At RCA’s Astro-Electronics Division, John was part of the team that designed, built, and tested Tiros 1, the first weather satellite to successfully orbit the Earth and transmit photographs of cloud cover to ground stations. During the launch of Tiros, John was on the mission-control team at NASA.

John spent five years with Electro-Mechanical Research Telemetry on the team that designed and built encoders for the Navy. Before retiring from Astro-Electronics in 1984, he worked on successive generations of the Tiros weather satellite and on highly classified aerospace projects for NASA. John received two patents for original product design.

His post-retirement interests included playing the cornet, trumpet, and piano; car racing; and designing a more efficient, less-polluting internal-combustion car engine.

Predeceased by his wife Terry, John is survived by his daughters Kate ’75, Jean, and Nancy; and four grandchildren.

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Graduate Class of 1954