Jack died Mar. 12, 1994, of a stroke he had suffered two days earlier. He came to Princeton in the summer of 1943 in the Navy's V-12 program.

Upon his discharge in 1945, he entered the Long Island College of Medicine. After two years, he transferred to the medical school of the Univ. of Pennsylvania, from which he received his M.D. in l949. In 1950, he was married to Dorothy (“Dot Ann”) O'Kelley.

During the Korean War, Jack returned to active duty. After that, he settled in Bedford, Mass., where he had a private practice of general medicine. For nearly 40 years, he served on the staff of Emerson Hospital in Concord, Mass. After he retired in 1990, he became fulltime medical director of Carleton-Willard Village, a continuing-care community in Bedford, the post he held at the time of his death.

Jack's hobbies included photography, skiing, tennis, computer science, music (Verdi in particular), travel, and growing tomatoes. In our 40th yearbook, Jack said, "the first 50 years are really the adolescent period of life, when one does what must be done. The next 50 should be spent in freely developing the ideas and expectations already conceived." It's sad he lived so few years of that second period.

To Dot Ann, who shared in these interests, and to their children, John Merrell, James Stuart, Nancy Ann, and Alexander, the class extends its profound sympathy.

Undergraduate Class of 1947