On March 19, 2000, Mel See died in Arizona. He was 62.

At Princeton, he majored in geology and joined Tiger Inn. He also played varsity 150 lb. football and was a varsity harrier. Following graduation, Mel went to Tucson for postgraduate work in geology and cultural anthropology at the U. of Arizona. While at the university, he married Linda, who was also an UA student. Their daughter, Heather, is See's only living blood relative. Mel and Linda divorced, and she remarried the Beatle, Paul McCartney.

Mel was a respected ethnographer, who photographed, filmed and wrote about indigenous cultures around the world. He became an expert on pre-Columbian art, and he contributed much to the cultural life of Tucson in his years there.

Mel is survived by his daughter, Heather; his companion and friend, Beverly Wilk; his two adopted families, Norman and Olga Zeller, their children and grandchildren, and Jeffrey and Natalie Javier, their two sons, Jordan and Sergei, who were Mel's godchildren, and many, many friends. The class sends its condolences to Heather and his survivors.

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