U.S. senator, Methodist minister, civil-rights crusader, lawyer, keen conservationist, and expert duck caller, Ken had a very busy and fruitful life. A son of Newport, Ark., he traveled many roads in all his accomplishments, but always returned home there. 

At Princeton he pursued his love of literature and his faith by bridging English and theology. He joined Cap and Gown, chaired Keycept, played rugby and IAA football and basketball, and became active in both local and national Methodist institutions. 

He earned a master’s degree in theology at Southern Methodist in 1963, where he traveled the South in the civil-rights movement, and another master’s degree in pastoral counseling at Boston University in 1964 while also serving as pastor to two Massachusetts parishes. Ken then earned a law degree at the University of Arkansas in 1967 and joined his father’s law practice in Newport. Over time, he became more active in real estate, investments, and both church and political activities on the local, state, and national stage. In 1977 he was appointed to the U.S. Senate on the death of Sen. John McClellan, where he served until 1979. In 1990 Ken retired from his numerous national commitments to focus on Newport’s then-new community college and his numerous Arkansas state university interests. 

Ken died March 23, 2022, of an aortic embolism. He is survived by Lindley, his high school sweetheart; their son and daughter; and two grandchildren.

Undergraduate Class of 1960