K.B. died Sept. 21, 2001. He had been ill and legally blind for more than 15 years. Although born in NYC, he grew up in Far Hills, N.J. He attended the Aiken Preparatory School and graduated from St. Paul's School. At Princeton, K.B. majored in modern languages, was a member of the Ivy Club, and roomed with the large Lockhart contingent including Lanahan, Bright, Tomlinson, Ned Ross, Keep, Pitney, and Kilduff.

During WWII, K.B. served as an observation pilot for the artillery of the 28th Division from Normandy until V-E Day. At the Battle of the Bulge, he received the Silver Star for flying medicine into Bastogne at night. He was separated as captain.

After the war, he attended Rutgers to study agriculture, and subsequently bought a farm in Maryland, where he first raised and sold hunters and show horses, later going into the cattle business.

Returning to Far Hills, he became a limited partner in Moore and Schley, a former brokerage house in NYC. In 1956, he started the Far Hills Land Corp., managing the extensive Schley land holdings in the area.

K.B. is survived by his wife, Yvonne Queripel Schley; their daughters, Sally Jackson and Margot White; and two grandsons, Ian Kenneth White and Dylan White. He was predeceased by a daughter, Diana Grataloup, who died in 1978.

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