Lance came to Princeton from Highland Park and its high school, where he played basketball and captained the tennis team. He majored in politics, joined Cannon, was active in IAA sports, skied, and joined the rugby club. Lance was also Navy ROTC, aiming toward the Marine Corps.

While in USMC flight training in Meridian Miss., Lance suffered a very serious auto accident, was unconscious for months, and recovered with some disabilities. On leaving the Marine Corps, after a period working in the family’s boys summer camp business, he earned a master’s degree in mathematics at Northwestern in 1968. He became a math instructor at the University of Illinois, while continuing active summers with the camp business. Lance transitioned to corporate employment with Sun Control Solar, a 3M subsidiary, in 1982 and married Halina in 1983.

Lance continued in corporate positions until 2010, when he and Halina moved to Cortez, Colo. There, he resumed teaching math at a local community college. He developed dementia in 2016 and sadly was obliged to end his days in nursing home care. He died May 14, 2022, of pneumonia and dementia. The class extends its sympathy to Halina and his sister, Wendy, in their loss.

Undergraduate Class of 1960