We recently received word that Larry died Oct. 4, 2017, in Mountain View, Calif.  

Larry came to Princeton from Turtle Creek High School in Turtle Creek, Pa. At Princeton he majored in physics and, after graduation, spent the rest of his life in California. He earned graduate degrees from California State University and from the Eurotechnical Research University. Throughout his career he conducted research in the fields of plasma physics, high-vacuum science and technology, and thin-film science and technology. He held 14 U.S. and foreign patents.  

In 2000 Larry started a company named Cougar Labs that designed and manufactured advanced thin-film cluster tools used for research and development through process development and production. 

In an essay for our 40th reunion, Larry said he found great satisfaction combining his work as a researcher with the teaching of science in local community colleges. He also wrote that his favorite pastimes were woodworking, climbing, hiking, gardening, and flying.  

Larry is survived by his partner of more than 40 years, Diane McGiven; and by his children, Christina Kemp and James Lamont. 

Undergraduate Class of 1962