A child of the West, our friend Jan Peterson, known to us in undergrad years as Dan, died Nov. 26, 2018, of Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia in Colorado.

Growing up in California, he was perpetually active in any scientific endeavor available and was focused on them throughout his time with us. He majored in civil and geological engineering, and guided by Professor Bill Bonini ’48 *49 returned westward in his thesis on “Crustal Structure in Northern Montana.”

He worked over a number of years with major oil companies, eventually gravitating to the digital side of the business, and becoming a specialist in the computer aspects of scientific exploration. He ran his own technical consultancy for many years prior to his illness.

His deepest love was for his family, including foremost his wife, Natalie, who kept him going as his physical abilities deserted him. Her death earlier in the year devastated him, and he rapidly declined afterward.

He is survived by his sons Jeff and Eric, who uncannily resemble him not only physically but also in their caring; and his beloved granddaughter, Jessica. They will hold a memorial service for Natalie and Jan in Colorado later this year, the spirit of the class in attendance as well.

Undergraduate Class of 1970