Leo died Feb. 8, 2020, in Winter Park, Fla.

He came to us from Merchantville (N.J.) High School, where he was active in service organizations, intramural sports, mixed and boys’ choruses, and a barbershop quartet. At Princeton he was in the Chapel Choir. Leo majored in physics, served as executive officer of the Air Force ROTC, was a member of the varsity rifle team, and captained the Terrace Club billiards team. 

He did not keep in touch with the class after graduation, and we have been able to learn very little about his later life. We know that in 1976 he received a patent for a passive target array for measuring the resolution of infrared reconnaissance sets, and that he later published several papers on thermal imaging. 

His wife, Barbara, died in 2016. 

Undergraduate Class of 1962