Born in London, raised in New York City, preparing at Deerfield, traveling the world, Len died in Palm Beach, Fla., March 30, 2017. At Princeton he ate at Dial and served on The Tiger business board. He majored in economics, preparing him for his initial career in business, where he combined mega-real estate development with motion-picture production and ownership of a professional soccer club.

In 1962 he married one of Andy Warhol’s superstars, Jane Bruckenfeld, known in New York society as Baby Jane Holzer. After getting divorced in 1979, Len married Marsia Trinder, an artist and designer, in 1983.

About the time of our 25th reunion, Len’s outlook on life had changed. He returned to school at Fordham University, earning a degree in social work and beginning a career as a counselor and therapist. As an interventionist, Len guided others toward the sobriety he had found. In 1987 Len gave Princeton a significant gift to develop a program in health services to help students with alcohol or substance-dependence problems. He became involved in a number of philanthropic enterprises, including support of alcohol- and substance-abuse programs and aid for the homeless.

Len is survived by his wife, Marsia; his children Rusty, Chayt, Teddy, and Christy ’07; and several grandchildren. We have sent condolences. We will miss Len Holzer.

Undergraduate Class of 1959