Mal died May 7, 2023, in Anchorage, Alaska. He was 86.

He came to Princeton from the Webb School, where he participated in basketball, debate, orchestra, football, tennis, and dramatics. At Princeton, Mal majored in history, ran track, and was a member of Cannon Club. His roommates were John Ferch, Don Ward, Dave Grundy, and Fred Miller.

After graduation, Mal created Pace magazine for the youth of the 1960s. For Pace, in 1967, he interviewed Alaskan Gov. Wally Hickel, and that led to more than 40 years of work together: speechwriting, travel, books, and global outreach when Hickel was secretary of the interior. Mal stayed with Hickel through the formation of the Institute of the North and participation in the UN’s first four environmental conferences. In the mid-1990s, Anchorage was becoming an international hub. To strengthen the city chemistry and create a “Community of Friends,” Mal had a major role in Bridge Builders of Anchorage, with the leaders of 13 international organizations.

In 1970, he married Cindy Graham, who was named Mrs. America in 1978. They had three children and four “honorary adopted” children. They all survive him. The class extends its deepest sympathy to them all.

Undergraduate Class of 1958