The world lost a great soul May 27, 2020, when a tragic hiking accident took our beloved friend, Manny Vellon. Manny was a beacon in the lives of everyone in his orbit. His unalterable logic, unquenchable curiosity, razor-sharp insights, unsinkable humor, and steadfast friendship touched and shaped everyone who knew him. 

An electrical engineering and computer science major, Manny became a software developer at HP, then joined Microsoft, where he became group program manager. Living in Bellevue, Wash., he co-foundedthe Virtual Worlds Group at Microsoft to study social interaction, collaboration, and real-time communication on the internet.  

After Microsoft, Manny started a consulting business to help startups and venture-capital companies. After his first “retirement,” Manny co-founded Likewise Software. After his second, he became partner and CTO at Level 11, which pioneers consumer technologies at theme parks, hotels, and cruise ships. 

Manny leaves a legacy of decency, honor, and humanity that will be carried on by his loving wife, Sally — Manny’s high school sweetheart and soul mate of 45 years — and their two extraordinary children, Danielle ’13 and Steven. 

Manny’s loss impoverishes us all, but his presence has made the world richer for everyone who crossed his path. 

Undergraduate Class of 1981