The Class of 1980 is sorry to report the death of Marc Simon. Marc died April 16, 2010, after losing his battle with cancer, at home in Saint Victor la Coste, France.

Marc moved to Saint Victor la Coste in 1981, shortly after graduation, joining the management team of a nonprofit volunteer work effort, La Sabranenque. In 1998, he co-founded a website development company, Neteor, for which he worked until his death.

Marc came to Princeton from Amherst (N.Y.) Central Senior High School, in a suburb of Buffalo. He graduated from Princeton cum laude in chemistry.

Marc was well-loved by friends not only in America but in France and around the world. Marc is survived by his mother, Jacqueline C. Simon; and his sister, Julie Simon. His father was the late John K. Simon. The class shares the sorrow of those whose lives Marc touched. He will be missed.

Undergraduate Class of 1980