Marian died Oct. 21, 2018. 

Born April 14, 1964, Marian was one of the younger members of our class. From Hamburg, N.Y., She was one of 12 classics majors in the class. She lived at Princeton Inn College and was a member of Madison Society. Classmates remember her as “reserved, yet thoroughly engaged” and “observant with an understated sense of humor.” 

Marian earned a Ph.D. in classics at Harvard. In 1991 she joined the faculty at Florida International University, where she taught courses in Latin, Greek, and classical civilization and directed the program in ancient Mediterranean civilization. 

FIU’s memorial to her after 17 years of service noted, “Both her students and colleagues loved her. A former student remarked: ‘She is the kindest person I have ever met. Truly, if anyone in this world has a heart of gold, it’s her.’” The impact of her gentle spirit clearly lingers beyond her passing.

Undergraduate Class of 1983