We learned belatedly of Martin’s unexpected passing Oct. 13, 2022, at home in North Carolina. 

Martin grew up in Princeton, in a family comfortable with the sciences, big questions, and exploring for answers. After Princeton High School, he joined us and majored in statistics. That will surprise some, who assumed someone so deeply engaged with computers must have been an electrical engineer. Martin served on the tech team at WPRB, joining Freshman Week because he liked the people and was intrigued by the work. Having a knack for keeping things running, he ended as the station’s tech manager and served as a WPRB trustee for years after graduation.

Martin spent the bulk of his career at DuPont, having a hand in establishing its early email system and retiring as its cybersecurity manager. Marriage with his beloved Margaret began over their shared love of rescued dogs, deepening from work friendship into wonderful partnership. Martin was a dedicated volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and other local organizations. He was the person everyone called for IT help, never refusing to share his knowledge and skills.

Princeton friends remember Martin for his kindness and willingness to help others in ways that preserved their autonomy and dignity (and for his relentless, horrible puns).

Undergraduate Class of 1978