Mike died July 19, 2018.

While at Princeton he majored in history and ate at Colonial. His senior-year roommates were R. Doughten, C. Edwards, and R. Smith.

After Princeton he spent three years in the Air Force, leaving as a captain. His employment life had two segments: first, a successful 20-year career with IBM during the formative years of modern computing, then a transition to the Santa Barbara real-estate industry. He lived in Santa Barbara most of his life and was active in numerous charities, especially the Santa Barbara Zoological Society. Also, Mike was an avid cyclist.

In 1961 he married Patty Turner. They were active in the Birnam Wood Golf Club. He loved golf and bridge. His marriage was long and happy.

The Class of 1957 extends its condolences to Patty; children Tom, Jeff, and Jack; and his grandchildren.

Undergraduate Class of 1957