Murray died Aug. 8, 2021, after a six-year illness with a blood leukemia. 

Murray’s service to the Class of 1957 was mostly of the sort for which thanks was neither expected nor given, involving doggedly finding places for classmates to stay during Reunions, arranging to borrow University space for class events, and the like. The class acknowledged his efforts in the most significant way when in 2007, it elected him president. The drudgery continued, however, during the five years of his presidency and after, facilitated by his living close to Princeton; Murray may not have ever in his life denied a request that he help on something. As well as being dependable, he was kind. 

After Exeter, Murray came to Princeton, where he majored in classics, was on the varsity track team, and belonged to Cap & Gown. His senior-year roommates were Don Creighton, Jasper Daube, Jack Goodman, Jerry Greenwald, and Richard McCready. 

He earned a master’s degree and then a doctorate in education at Rutgers, taught, and then spent a career in public school business administration from 1977 to 1999. 

Murray was married to Mona for 54 years. After she died in 2015, he would reminisce about “my Alabama sweetheart.” The couple had two daughters, including Diana Kollevoll ’86, and five grandchildren.

Undergraduate Class of 1957