Neil died May 5, 2022, following a stroke.

He came to Princeton from the Horace Mann School in New York City, where he was on the wrestling, soccer, and swimming teams. At Princeton, he was an SPIA major and Cloister Inn member. His senior-year roommates included Dick Kates, Bill Parent, and Graham Findlay. He wrestled for two years, was a WPRB announcer, and taught and coached swimming at the Princeton YMCA.

After graduating from Harvard Law School, he spent three years with Wall Street law firms, specializing in multinational real estate projects and funds. Moving to California, he took a few years off to participate in what he termed the northern California human potential movement.

He then started his own law firm in San Francisco and Marin, as well as establishing a real estate brokerage business. At the time of his death, he practiced law in San Rafael, Calif. Always loyal to Princeton and our class, he was an enthusiastic participant in Bay Area ’66 events. 

Neil is survived by daughters Violet, Jenny, and Erica, and partner Sheri Lang, to all of whom the class extends its heartfelt condolences.

Undergraduate Class of 1966