Nick led a full, joyful, and sociable life.

Nick and his wife, Eva, came to Princeton Reunions. He sang baritone in the Princeton Glee Club and Chapel Choir and played viola in the Princeton Orchestra. He also played folk songs on the guitar — taught by his physician father — in Nashville, where he was raised; in Gladys, Va.; and on cruise ships including on the Yangtze River in China, where on an amateur night he regaled fellow passengers and crew with “Ol’ Man River.” He acted and sang in plays and musicals in six cities where he lived during his career.

Nick earned a doctorate in physics at Vanderbilt University. He worked for Sandia Corp., Kaman Sciences, the Stanford Research Institute, and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

After Nick’s retirement as a research physicist in nuclear-weapons effects, he and Eva moved to rural Gladys, Va., where they built a house and established a farm. They made wine from their own grapes, blackberries, and pears. They shared the wine with their neighbors together with dinner, games, and singing on Twelfth Night, Bastille Day, and Christmas. They had no children,but five dogs that they showered with love as “children with paws.”

Nick died Jan. 26, 2019. Eva died in 2014.

Undergraduate Class of 1957