Oz died April 23, 2017, in West Orange, N.J. Born in Newark, he prepared at Montclair Academy. At Princeton as a pre-med, he majored in religion, was a Triangle alternate, sang in the Freshman Glee Club and the Savoyard chorus, managed the 150-lb. crew, and ate at Elm Club.

Electing to treat the soul rather than the body, Oz abandoned medical studies and prepared for the ministry at Episcopal Theological School, becoming an ordained priest in 1965. He served as curate at St. Peter’s Church, Mountain Lakes, and rector of both Trinity Church, Irvington, and the Church of the Annunciation, Oradell, all in New Jersey.

Ever searching to provide meaningful service, he earned a master of public administration degree from New York University in 1975, and then served as administrator of mental health at Barnert Hospital in Paterson, and as director of a homeless shelter in New York City, where he significantly reduced violence with his kindness and respect for clients. Certified in pastoral counseling in 1992, he joined the staff of the N.Y.U. Postgraduate Center for Mental Health as a therapist for the mentally ill. In 2000, he became outreach pastoral associate at Grace Church, in Madison, N.J., until his retirement in 2004. He served the class for many years as an officiant at our reunion memorial services.

Oz is survived by his wife, Anne; his son, Oscar; daughter Kendall; and five grandchildren. We have sent condolences.

Undergraduate Class of 1959