Pandelis died Sept. 1, 2017, in the city of his birth, Cairo, Egypt. He was a distinguished international citizen and scholar.

Son of a Greek diplomat, Pandelis came to Princeton from St. Joseph’s College, U.K., distinguishing himself in academics and rugby. At Princeton he participated in Orange Key and was a resident adviser. He majored in Near Eastern Studies. Roommates included Ray Ollwerther and Ed Smith, who recall how smoothly he adapted to American culture. Barbara Croken remembers his kindness in arranging her 21st birthday party.

Pandelis went on to earn a Ph.D. in economics and social history at the University of Hull, U.K. He married Kathy Grantham *71, a Princeton grad student and academic collaborator; they later divorced. He spent the majority of his academic career on faculty at universities of Hull, Manchester, Durham, and Northumbria in the U.K. He joined the faculty of the American University of Cairo in 2004, where he was honored for his teaching and many contributions to university policy and governance. Fluent in Greek, Arabic, French, and English, Pandelis served as a consultant to the World Bank, UNESCO, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and other nonprofits. He made significant contributions to the field of economics, development, and sociology through his countless articles in prominent journals.

We did not get to see Pandelis often in person but admired his accomplishments from afar and mourn his loss.

Undergraduate Class of 1971