PAUL HARVEY Sr., died peacefully at his home May 8, 1993. Paul was born in the Oklahoma Territory in 1898, and moved to El Paso at 1909. He attended El Paso H.S., then came to Princeton; he ultimately graduated from the Univ. of Arizona. His father co-founded El Paso Natl. Bank in 1929, which Paul directed for over 60 years. He served on the boards of several local utilities and had substantial interest in ranching and farming. Paul also managed the Hotel Paseo de Norte for many years and was past president of the Texas Hotel Assn.

Paul established the Provident Memorial Hospital and served as its president for 40 years. He also was cofounder and president of the Family Welfare Assn. At Princeton, he was a member of Terrace Club and Clio Hall. Paul served as a lieutenant in the artillery during WWI. Paul's wife, Katherine, died in 1989. He is survived by a daughter and son, three grandchildren, and six greatgrandchildren.

The Class of 1922

Undergraduate Class of 1922