Paul died Nov. 29, 2018. 

Born in Charlotte, N.C., he came to us from Phillips Exeter Academy. At Princeton he majored in history, ate at Charter, and was active in Whig-Clio and the Orange Key. He roomed with George Barker, Eddie Brown, Dick Butt, Hugh Driscoll, Tom Garrett, Tal Mack, Bill H. Miller, and Toby Rankin.

Following Princeton, Paul served as an officer in the Navy, where he was in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis while on the USS Joseph P. Kennedy.He was then posted to the American Embassy in London, where he met and married Hazel Archer. Returning to the States, they settled in Atlanta, where he embarked on a varied career. 

After moving to Highlands, N.C., Paul was deeply involved in such nonprofits as Battleship Cove in Massachusetts; the Franklin D. Roosevelt Hyde Park Foundation in New York, which he co-founded; the Atlanta Opera; and Exeter. His true lifetime passion was gardening, and he designed several gardens in Highlands. 

He is survived by daughter Georgina and son Christopher, their families, two grandchildren, two sisters, and his ex-wife, Hazel.

Undergraduate Class of 1961