Peter was born in London, Ontario, and educated at London Central Collegiate Institute there. Following his brother, W. Parker *54, to Princeton, Peter played freshman soccer and varsity hockey, majored in chemical engineering, and joined Cannon Club. He left in 1958 to marry his high school sweetheart, Joan, and completed his bachelor’s degree in engineering at the University of Rochester in 1960 before entering the engineering profession. After a succession of smaller company mergers, he found himself at Diamond Shamrock Corp. in 1968 with responsibility for designing snowmaking systems for ski areas. He left to launch Peter Alford and Associates in 1971, specializing in snowboarding design. 

In 1990 Peter partnered to create Alford International to develop snowmaking systems throughout Europe and as far off as Korea. Resuming independence in 1993, Alford Design Group continued in snowmaking and related projects. He became particularly renowned in that field; one of his affiliates called him “the Pete Dye of snowmaking design.”

Always intimately involved in the business, Joan and Peter also raised Kelly ’83 and her two brothers as keen competitive skiers. Peter and Joan finally settled in Denver, near enough to many of their favorite slopes. Extensive travels through Europe, generally involving skiing, also occupied their partial-retirement years. 

Peter succumbed to complications of heart disease Aug. 27, 2021. Our sympathies go to Joan and all their family.

Undergraduate Class of 1960