Peter died Nov. 24, 2003, in Dayton, Ohio.

Born in St. Louis July 4, 1950, Peter came to Princeton from Melbourne [Fla.] HS. During high school he spent a year in Barcelona, Spain, on an Andover-Exeter program. While at Princeton, with characteristic generosity, Peter and his family helped classmates get summer jobs at resort hotels near their summer home on Lake George. Scott Goldsmith '72, Peter's roommate for two years, recalls: "Whether spending time with friends, playing guitar, or even riding around campus on his unicycle, Peter enjoyed life at Princeton. He joined Cap and Gown and contributed greatly to the camaraderie there."

After Princeton he became a career international flight attendant for Pan Am, National, and Delta Airlines. He traveled the world, lived in a number of cities (including his favorite, Paris) and spoke several languages fluently. According to Peter's father, William K. "Bill" Bixby Jr. '46, some recent enthusiasms were wood stoves and vegetable gardens.

The class offers condolences to Peter's father and his mother, Barbara Bixby, of Indialantic, Fla.; brothers Ethan and William K. III; sisters Lucy and Jennifer; and eight nieces and nephews. A dear friend of many classmates, Peter will be greatly missed.

The Class of 1972

Undergraduate Class of 1972