Straightforward is how one might think of Peter’s life, but it wasn’t. The eldest of four and son of a publisher of McCall’s magazine, Peter was raised in then-rural Westchester County, N.Y., and came to Princeton from Andover. 

At Princeton he belonged to Cap & Gown. An economics major, his first work was in Geneva and Paris for Mobil Oil, planning operations in North Africa. Next was investment management and marketing for Merrill Lynch and Oppenheimer, followed by becoming a principal and investment portfolio manager for J. (Jonathan, brother of George H.W. Bush) Bush & Co., and then, in 1994, going on his own with Wiese Capital Management, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm in Westport, Conn. 

He closed the firm in 2020 and retired to Atlanta, where a daughter lives. During all this, he co-produced two Broadway shows, one starring ice dancer John Curry, and the other the mime Marcel Marceau, who became a close friend. Peter loved hiking and traveling the world, and said he met four U.S. presidents. 

Peter died Aug. 4, 2021, of respiratory and other causes in hospice care. He is survived by a former wife, Virginia Maxwell; children Christiane, Virginia, Russell, and Peter III; and 10 grandchildren. 

Undergraduate Class of 1957