Peter Hendrickson died Jan. 21, 1996, of complications arising from AIDS. He was 44. He was an extraordinary friend to many, a psychologist of great humanity, a vigorous explorer of what life offered. He took his gifts and good fortune and returned much to the world through his patients' healing, through the effect of his living upon his friends and family. He is sorely missed.

He is survived by his mother, Betty, father John '44, brother Robert, and sisters Mary and Nancy '82, and briefly by his companion, Tim Allen.

Peter received his PhD from Boston College in 1982. From 1983-86 he served as director of psychological services at the Kennedy Child Study Center in NYC. He was a senior teacher at the New York Integral Yoga Institute. He wrote Alive & Well, A Path for Living in a Time of HIV (Irvington, 1990).

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