Phil died Sept. 15, 2018, in Seattle, his home for 48 years. Born in New York City and scion of a long line of Tigers, he came to us from Mamaroneck (N.Y.) High School. At Princeton he majored in history, was a member of the Savoyards and the Undergraduate Council, and took his meals at Campus. He roomed with Charlie Horner, El Tilton, Jim Dangel, Bill Simmers, and Woody Young.

Following Harvard Law School, he worked at the Legal Aid Society in Chicago and taught at the University of Chicago. He relocated to Seattle in 1970 to run the felony division of the public defender’s office before moving into private practice. Always a champion of civil rights, he was involved professionally and avocationally in a wide variety of organizations and institutions serving marginalized people, minorities, civil-rights activists, and others of need. As his obituary stated, “He was a shining example of engaged citizenship for his family and community.”

Phil is survived by his sister, Judith; daughters Alicia, Gina, and Clare Megathlin; son Raphael; and their families, which include five grandchildren. Longtime friends Wick Dufford, Chad Quaintance, and Gil Omenn attended his memorial service.

Undergraduate Class of 1961