Alan died peacefully April 15, 2022, after an extended illness, surrounded by his loved ones.

He entered Princeton from Denver’s East High School after growing up in the many locations his oil landman father’s work took the family. At Princeton he began working with WPRB and hosted “The Antelope Freeway” at midnight Saturdays, championing the music of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders, Gil Scott-Heron, Leon Thomas, and Ken Nordine, to name a few.

He was one of the group that re-imagined and resurrected Cannon Club as a non-selective eating club in 1971, and moved in with his sheepdog, Tripper, eventually becoming the president/troop leader/guidance counselor/arbitrator and host to many all-night listening, drinking, bull sessions in his penthouse.

It was not common knowledge, but his sociology senior thesis on “Doodlebuggers” received an A+.

After Princeton, Alan continued in his father’s footsteps and became an oil landman in Denver. His warmth, genuineness, and his ever-present smile were perfect attributes for a job that involved a lot of personal interaction with a cross section of people. He worked for Champlin Oil and Clayton Williams, among others, and went to law school at night to be able to provide additional credentials to his negotiating. For a time, he was a partner in a wine store, but it didn’t interfere with his beer and martinis.

Some debilitating health issues ushered in an early retirement, and much of the last few years was spent at home and with a regular group at a neighborhood pub. His wife, Beth, and their daughter, Vanessa, were his comfort and support and love. We will miss his spirit.

Undergraduate Class of 1973