Ralph died March 15, 2022, in Livermore, Calif., after a distinguished career as a nuclear scientist. 

He graduated from Greenwich High School and remained at Princeton for 10 years, earning a bachelor’s degree in physics and a Ph.D. in chemistry while working as a research assistant. While an undergraduate, he roomed with Bill Bennett and Marc Knowlton, and was vice president of the United World Federalists. After two years as a research administrator with the Air Force Office of Scientific Research in Washington, he joined what was later known as the renowned Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. There he did research for 30 years, first as a chemist on energy programs and later in solid state chemistry, geology, plutonium chemistry, metallurgy, and special projects in nuclear weapons. 

Upon retirement from Livermore Laboratory in 1990, he was a consultant to the Energy Department and some of its contractors. 

Ralph is survived by his former wife and two sons.

Undergraduate Class of 1951
Graduate Class of 1960