RICHARD DODSWORTH DE CAMP died of brain cancer Mar. 19, 1994. When he died, Dick had spent more than 20 years working for the city of Seattle, ultimately as fleet manager of its motor vehicles.

After graduation, Dick spent a "difficult year” teaching English in the N.Y.C. school system. He moved to Seattle in 1967, where he studied for a Ph.D. in Chinese history and became involved in protesting the Vietnam war. His activism shifted to community development and community service, to which he dedicated his career.

Dick also built boats, ran marathons, mountaineered, cycled, and sailed. He raised two sons from his first marriage and four sons from his marriage to Ann Morello (Bellevue Community College '76). His passion for understanding and deepening the human spirit was evident in all his pursuits. He loved art, music, theater, and travel, and respected the fierceness of nature and its importance to the soul.

Dick prepared at Choate. At Princeton, he majored in history and was in Charter Club.

Dick is survived by his widow, Annie; sons Joseph (born while we were at Princeton) and Allan; stepsons Lance, Rob, Scott, and Sundance Alba; granddaughter Marlin; mother Georgia; and two sisters, Laura Shields and Joan Zdenek. The class extends deepest condolences to each of them.

Undergraduate Class of 1966