Sandy died on his birthday, Oct. 28, 2023, of pancreatic cancer at his home in Fairhope, Ala.

He came to us from Choate, majored in history (his Scottish ancestors and his American ones were on the wrong side of two major civil wars), and dined at Quadrangle. He roomed with Bamberger, Boehm, Danchak, Diamond, Goldfarb, Gouldin, Gray, and Pascarella.

Sandy earned a medical degree at Tulane and served as a captain in the Air Force in Vietnam and Japan, then at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and ultimately as chief of staff at Shriners’ Hospital in Shreveport, La. He also took many trips to Central and South America attending and helping heal numbers of young patients, raised a family, including dogs and sailboats, and was much loved by those he worked with and served, for his humor, intelligence, and humanity.

Sandy is survived by his wife, Jane; daughters Elizabeth and Katherine; and a multitude of grandchildren and close relatives, including his brother Jonathan C. McCall Sr. ’72. His bio in one of our reunion yearbooks states: “I have never regretted attending Princeton, and as I get older, I look back with even more warmth and nostalgia.” Peace, brother, well earned.

Undergraduate Class of 1965