Rich died Aug. 18, 2020, in Charlottesville, Va. He was 73.

He was born Sept. 10, 1946, in Washington, D.C. He attended Woodrow Wilson High School, where he played in the band and was chess club president. At Princeton Richard majored in classics, was active in the band, and was Terrace athletic manager and Chess Club president. He ate at Terrace Club.

After Princeton he attended Wesley Theological Seminary and became an ordained minister. Rich spent many years pastoring at local churches in West Virginia and Virginia. After ministering for several years, he earned an MBA from James Madison University and became a certified public accountant. He worked as a CPA at Hantzmon Wiebel and Seminole Trail Properties. An avid musician, Rich was proficient on the piano, guitar, clarinet, and saxophone. Most recently, he played in the local Charlottesville First and Second Wind Bands and Flashbacks ensembles.

Rich is survived by his wife, Carol; daughters Erica Knights and Inga Thurston-Barclay; and seven grandchildren. To them, the class extends its profound sympathies.

Undergraduate Class of 1968