Richard died Sept. 16, 2001. He entered Princeton with the Class of '64. He worked as a busboy in Commons and joined Dial Lodge in the spring of his sophomore year. He left Princeton in 1962, after his sophomore year, and did not return until two years later, when he joined the Class of '66. However, after one more year, Richard left Princeton again and did not return for his senior year.

Princeton's records of Richard's postcollege life are sketchy. It appears that at the time of his death he was a retired master sergeant in the Air Force, and that he lived most of his adult life in Miami. In 1992, Richard reestablished ties with Princeton through AG, and he was consistently generous until his death a decade later.

The Class of '66 regrets his death and our loss of connection to this unique member of the Princeton family.

The Class of 1966

Undergraduate Class of 1966