Dick died Aug. 2020, of COPD in East Palo Alto, Calif.

He came to Princeton from Cleveland, where he graduated from University School.

He majored in history and wrote his thesis on “The Influence of  Woodrow Wilson School Conference Recommendations in Shaping Presidential Policy during the Kennedy Administration.” He was a member of Elm Club, played lacrosse his junior and senior years, and lived with 16 roommates in the third entry of Foulke.

After earning an MBA at Northwestern, Dick worked for about a decade as an accountant in New York and Chicago. Then, as his sister Elizabeth says, “He decided to follow his heart.” He moved to California and embarked on a long and successful career in what he saw as the more creative profession of home renovation, construction, and design.

Dick did not have a family of his own, but forever remained, according to Elizabeth, who is the sole surviving member of his immediate family, “a loving and caring brother.”

Undergraduate Class of 1964