Al died April 15, 2022, at his Golden, Colo., home. 

In his own words from the Nassau Herald: “The firstborn of Bob and Marion Woodard made his way into this world Jan. 28, 1951, during the worst snowstorm in the history of Jackson, Miss. Oklahoma City, Shreveport, Denver, and Calgary, Alberta, have all been home for Al at one time — Cannon Club and the K.I. have served in that capacity the past four years. Al prepped at East Denver High School and proved to himself upon admission to Princeton that it was yet possible for a boy of humble family origin to move up in the world … . His interest in people called him to the Sociology Department, where Mel Tumin channeled his energies into a thesis on Doodlebuggers as a Deviant Subculture.” 

At Princeton, he worked multiple part-time jobs to help pay tuition. He did everything from picking up dirty laundry to running the Student Refreshment Agency. He wrote his senior thesis while tending bar, and he graduated cum laude. Al was the last president of Cannon Club. 

After graduation he moved back to Denver and worked at Champlin Oil Co. He quickly rose through the ranks and went to the University of Denver Law School at night, while working during the day. Al married Elizabeth “Lizzy” Fisher Gower in 1982. They moved to Golden in 1986, where he was very active in the local community. 

We will miss Al’s love and friendship. He fought mightily through his cancer treatment, and he no longer suffers. The Class of 1973 offers its condolences to his family and friends.

Undergraduate Class of 1973