Robbie, as he was known to friends and family alike, ate at Colonial, majored in history, rowed in the lightweight boat, and roomed senior year with Bill Porteous, Dave Warren, and Larry Westfall. Gentle, brilliant, with a ready dry wit and a warm smile, Robbie met the world far more than halfway.

For Robbie, born into a Wilmington, Del., family steeped in generations of jurisprudence, his life’s work was almost never in doubt. He was a graduate of Wilmington’s Tower Hill School, garnered honors in history at Princeton, earned a law degree from Harvard, then spent four years as a law specialist with the Navy JAG Corps, stationed in the Philippines and Rhode Island. In 1964 he married Wendy Silliman, and in 1967 he signed on with the family law firm, Richards, Layton and Finger, joining cousin and classmate Charlie Richards.

In retirement, after a distinguished legal career, Robbie’s love of history came to the fore. For more than a dozen years he lectured on ancient Rome to undergraduates at the University of Delaware and to fellow retirees at the Osher Institute on World War II engagements, invariably to rave reviews. He was eagerly sought as a speaker by organizations in the Wilmington area.

Robbie died March 11, 2021, following a long period of ill health. He is survived by his wife, Wendy; three sons; seven grandchildren; and two sisters. We have sent condolences.

Undergraduate Class of 1959