Bob died peacefully Sept. 8, 2018, in New York City from complications of Parkinson’s disease, which he had courageously resisted for 12 years.

Reared in Williamsburg, Va., he attended the Asheville School, where he played football and basketball and was sports editor of the school paper and class valedictorian.

At Princeton Bob majored in history. He was freshman football manager, a member of Charter Club and Whig-Clio, and president of the Conservative Club. He earned a law degree from Cornell Law School in 1967, and then served for three years as an officer in the Navy Supply Corps. Starting in 1971 Bob practiced law as an associate and partner in New York at Haight Gardner Poor & Havens, concentrating in aviation law. He also received three pilot’s licenses. He left law practice and earned an MBA from NYU/Stern in 1991 and pursued investing on his own account. Bob was a lover of cats, railroads, cars, and aviation, and a loyal attendee of several sports teams, especially the New York Mets, through torment and triumph.

Bob married Phyllis in 1966. Living in Manhattan, they enjoyed theater, music, and sports events. He is survived by Phyllis and their son, Zane, to whom the class extends our condolences.

Undergraduate Class of 1964