A native of Florida — born in Tampa, Bob was educated at Porter Military Academy, Woodberry Forest, Princeton, and the University of Virginia Medical School. 

At Princeton he was a chemistry major and chair of the Chemistry Club. He joined Dial Lodge, roomed with Gerry Andlinger, Marc Seldin, Charlie Wulfing, and Dick Wythes, and worked some summers as an orderly in a morgue. After medical school Bob served as an Air Force flight surgeon, then went back to the University of Virginia for a residency in otolaryngology before returning to the Miami area to begin a 27-year career as an ear, nose, and throat specialist. 

In addition to a private practice in Coral Gables, he was on the staff of several hospitals, including ENT chief at Miami Variety Children’s Hospital and clinical professor at Jackson Memorial. Bob was a member of countless medical and pro bono organizations, and his many hobbies included sports cars, boating, skin diving, and Miami’s professional football and baseball teams. He and his wife, Sylvia, moved to Jupiter, Fla., upon retirement. 

Bob died May 21, 2021, leaving his wife, twin daughters, and a son.

Undergraduate Class of 1951