The consummate athlete, Bob “Lefty” Clark died Sept. 5, 2021, of esophageal cancer. His years at Princeton were among the most joyous high points of his life — friends made, Cannon Club, and always the sheer physical pleasure of competitive athletics, whether on the squash or tennis court or, most especially, on the soccer field. He brought his love of sports to Princeton from his Ridgewood (N.J.) High School.

His wife, Fanny, thanks all who contributed to his amazing and fulfilling love of life: “Our marriage of 65 years and our two fabulous kids, Bill and Susana, thrived in the context of Lefty’s happy and irrepressible humor and love.

“In his honor, you may contribute to: Soccer Without Borders at I know Bob would be proud to be part of their efforts.”

Undergraduate Class of 1956