Bob died July 2, 2018. He was born in Spartanburg, S.C. His father, R.P. Hazlehurst, was in the Class of 1917.

Bob came to Princeton from The Hill School. At Princeton he majored in modern languages and was editor-in-chief of the Prince and a member of Whig-Clio, the Undergraduate Council, the Westminster Society, and the Student-Faculty Association. He took his meals at Cottage and roomed with Neumann, Cerf, Dickey, Tschudy, J.G. Owen, Reese, and B. Jones.

His time at Yale Law School was interrupted by World War II, in which he was a navigator in the Army Air Corps. After finishing at Yale he joined the New Jersey bar and practiced corporate law with Pitney, Hardin & Kipp, where he became a partner in 1952. He retired from the firm in 1989. Over the years he was a trustee of a number of philanthropic organizations and was especially active in Princeton Annual Giving. A devoted Tiger all his life, he was a regular at our reunions.

Predeceased by two wives, Bob is survived by three daughters, including Ellen Courtney ’71; two stepdaughters; brother Hamilton Hazlehurst ’47; nephew Hamilton Hazlehurst Jr. ’73; and their families.

Undergraduate Class of 1940